CRMK is going LIVE!

CRMK is proud to announce that the first live show of the re-launch took place on Saturday, 1st April 2017 (honest!).

The Grumpy Old Men  take the helm on Saturday mornings.  Later the same day we have a fantastic evening show from Erica Gordon with Roots Soul and RnB followed by Ernie’s Saturday Club keeping listeners company till 11pm with a selection of lively tracks and local interviews.


Liven up your Sundays with The Gospel Show by Howard McCalla, and later the same evening we have Barrie Hyde presenting a fascinating selection of album tracks on The 70s Album Show.


Fans of Prog Rock are happy to find themselves once again Between Two Worlds with Kev Slaymaker each Monday.  New presenter Ian Morton offers Vintage Rock on his show Wireless Warbles which plays out on Tuesdays.  Thursdays we have Paul Harris presenting Live In Your Living Room, followed by Trini-Canadian DJ 101 taking us to a warm place with his lessons in Musicology.

Jason Bain  

If cinema is your thing, and iconic soundtracks bring back happy memories, tune in to Scene Sounds on Sunday evening with Simon Moss.  For an adventure in oddity try Transmitter Down  on Friday evenings, and further along on the same evening we have Shane Quentin taking us on a trip to The Garden Of Earthly Delights .  Club and dance music is offered twice over the weekend with Lips, hosted by DJ Soulixx.  Hugh Davenport hosts a relaxed show on Tuesdays with the Eclectic Plectrum.

Garden Of Earthly Delights 

Listen in to selected soundtracks from our presenters until we go fully live with our amazing range of shows – check out the SCHEDULE now!