The 70s Album Show

Vintage music, at its best.  Every Sunday 10pm to Midnight.

Barrie Hyde presents The 70s Album Show on CRMK, playing album tracks from the 1970s.

For a generation of kids who grew up in the 70s, album tracks defined the period. Vast sales of albums were generated. Members of ‘album’ or rock bands were musicians who wrote and performed their own music. They were able to play live and established the ‘festival’ format being seen by thousands of fans at any one time.

70s single music has survived due to the continuation of the chart format and constant airplay on ‘Gold’ stations. However 70s album music, the genre that defined the period has all but disappeared – and hence a generation of our musical heritage has almost vanished.

Radio and TV stations rarely feature it. There are few outlets for people to hear it.

Enjoy it here at CRMK, on The 70s Album Show.

barrie hyde
Barry Hyde, presenter and writer