Philly Sounds

Monday mornings 10am till noon. A great opportunity to listen to your favourite tunes from through the ages. They will surely bring back memories which I know you’ll enjoy. The show will also let you know what’s going on in and around Milton Keynes. It’s a show where you can join in by letting me…

Start The Week

Start The Week with The Geriatric DJ and The Eternal Teenager as they bring you a magazine of news, comment, special features and great music. Music to make you smile, feel happy and set you on course for a fabulous week. Mondays 5am to 10am starting 8th July.

Tom Shanks’ Discotheque

A journey into disco times gone by.  With a selection of disco, house, jazz, funk and soul, Tom will play songs aimed to get your shoulders shaking or spine tingling with some additional background knowledge about what you’re listening to.

Doc Rock

Presenter and retired GP Andrea K entertains and informs us with a variety of music plus comments and discussion about current health issues, with the emphasis on staying sane in a mad world. Guest interviews with professionals ‘in the know’.  The Doctor will see you each Monday between 6.30pm and 8pm.

Between Two Worlds

Monday 8pm through to 11pm.  From the giants of the musical genre known as progressive rock through to little known one album bands, Kev Slaymaker takes you on a progressive journey from the late 1960’s to the present day. To date over 900 bands from 70 countries have been played on the show highlighting the…