The BIG Show

The BIG Show with Dale Nathan, every Sunday from 4pm to 6pm.

Each week Dale features a famous or local band on the show. This also goes in-depth on the history of the artistes, sharing his research with you. Often interviewing musicians and sharing local information about gigs and local entertainment.  I also play a mixture of talented artists who record an interesting style of music.

There is also a comical side to the show as you will discover when you tune in. Dale encourages listeners to text him with any interesting experiences you’ve encountered, which in turn he will share with you all.

Do you have an interesting or unusual voice? If so, contact Dale as he records his own jingles using different people’s voices . This can be fun and quite entertaining for all involved. Plus you’ll get a copy to keep for yourself.  A rock show with a taste of fun each week.

Presenter Dale Nathan
Presenter Dale Nathan

Dale Nathan, local Musician, songwriter and was lead singer with rock band, “Mother’s Ruin”. During the 1980’s “Mother’s Ruin” supported Dire Straits, Motorhead, Ian Dury and the Blockheads to name a few.

Touring major venues in London and Europe, including a major TV show in Leipzig, East Germany during the times when the wall divided Germany.

Between 1982-1985 recorded 4 singles and the album “Road to Ruin” on the Spectra records label. The album has since been reissued 2017.  In 1986 Dale formed a new band with M.Ruin guitarist Malcolm Jones called “The Beat Street Band”.  They recorded the first Disco Rock extended single, called “Beat Street” for Legacy records.

Dale’s and Malcolm’s passion for music still drives them on to writing for themselves for fun and anyone who likes to listen! They both write under the name of “Nathan-Jones” and regularly record in their garage studio.