Roots, Soul and RnB

A blend of vocal reggae, both old and new with some RnB / soul mixed in. The show will include interviews, the latest music news and what’s on in and around the area. Presented by Erica Gordon, Saturdays between 7pm and 9pm.

The Gospel Show

The Gospel Show is a weekly menu of sumptuous gospel music, comprising a mix of the contemporary, urban and traditional styles from the UK, US and other parts of the world. Fronted by former BBC Three Counties presenter, Howard McCalla, he brings you regular guests and interviews with featured artistes. The show promises to be…

MK Today

Every Friday from 10am join Mike Barry and the team for a two hour Magazine show featuring life and events in and around Milton Keynes. Listen to a short intro by Mike Barry

The Bridge

Cross the bridge and there is the cross road, take any path to discover new delights: enjoy those from where we have just travelled. Join me as I explore new and enjoy classic sounds in a programme that has no boundaries. The only rule it must have a point, or maybe not. My choice, your…

Transmitter Down

The transmitter is down, and the airwaves are about to be taken over by all variety of weird and wonderful sounds. Indie, Alternative, Post-Rock, New Wave, Jazz, Psych, Goth, Krautrock, Electronica, Punk, Industrial Noise, and all the many varieties of the Avant-Garde, from all over the world, will be sharing a new home for 2…

Sound Shuffle

Sound Shuffle – the “good dance” or “random music” selected by your Caribbean-Canadian host DJ Jace living here in the UK.  If the most intimate thing a stranger can share with you is their music collection, then here’s my haphazard mix.  (RnB, Soca, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rap, Garage, Pop, Soul…)

Movie Night

Presenter Simon Moss hosts an evening show specialising in all things cinematic – the sounds, the music, and maybe a review or two. Settle down with your big bag of popcorn and listen in each Sunday night.

Synthetic Soundscapes

Deejay Werkz takes you on an historical journey through all genres of electronic dance music, with spotlight focus from the pioneers of many electronic genres starting in 1950’s experimental mechanical oscillators and strange new equipment, 1960’s Moog development, 1970’s Germanic synthesizers, 1980’s synth-pop right through the Electro, House, Techno and all types of dance music…

Meet the Grumpy Old Men

They are men with a passion … and they don’t mind voicing their opinions.  They are … The Grumpy Old Men! What began with a few gripes and moans on an occasional Saturday morning has grown into a full blown 2-hour live radio show that attracts a dedicated nationwide band of regular followers as well…

Between Two Worlds

From King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator, Camel, Yes, Gentle Giant, Genesis, Pink Floyd, ELP, PFM, Uriah Heep and the little known Jonesy through Marillion, Collage, Solstice, IQ and Arena to The Tangent, Steven Wilson, Airbag, Moonwagon, Riverside, Also Eden, Comedy of Errors, Nine Stones Close and Corvus Stone: you can hear it all and…

Ground Control

Paul Alexander presents a programme majoring on Jazz ‘n’ Blues but also incorporating the best of Soul, Reggae and the Classics. As William Shakespeare quoted in Twelfth Night, “If Music be the Food of Love – play on… ” Ground Control is a show of varied and appropriate music to fit every occasion. Tune in to hear music from the…


A history of club and dance music from 70’s New York to modern day house, told from a mature, experienced person’s perspective, but reaching out to all ages. Hosted by DJ Soulixx.

DJ Paul Harris

Paul might be the wrong side of 30 and has had an MK postcode since 1974, but he knows a good tune when he hears one! Music from any age and genre, if it sounds good, it’s in. Join him every week for his thoughts, opinions and the latest news from Stadium:MK.


Where were you in 1979?  Or 1988?  Was 2003 a special year for you?  Charlotte and Dave present ‘Decades’ – the show that brings you music from the 1970s to the present day.   Tune in on Saturday mornings between 10 and 12 to listen to some great music with added nostalgia.

The Groove Lounge

A show dedicated to followers of all things Marc Bolan, T.Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, John’s Children, plus those influencers of and influenced by the same. The show contains a David Bowie spot and Punk spot as well as 70s tunes.

Eclectic Plectrum

The Eclectic Plectrum is hosted by Hugh Davenport – a show featuring some of the best folk-rock, guitar-indie, old or new and local (or not so local) unsigned artists… and beyond! As well as guests in the studio, Hugh will be braving the local music scene and reporting back (if he makes it back??) With…

New Studio Progress

The journey from public convenience to independent radio studio continues… Our recent crowdfunding event raised over a thousand pounds – a huge thanks to all supporters.  Every penny has gone towards the studio materials and equipment, as work continues on the interior – we are on track to go live early in 2017.  When the studio conversion is completed,…

The 70s Album Show

Vintage music, at its best. Barrie Hyde presents The 70s Album Show on CRMK, playing album tracks from the 1970s. For a generation of kids who grew up in the 70s, album tracks defined the period. Vast sales of albums were generated. Members of ‘album’ or rock bands were musicians who wrote and performed their…

Monday Night Live

Join me, your presenter Andy, for Monday Night Live between 6 and 8 where we’ll kickstart your week with favourites from American billboard and pop music.  Features every week include Flashback at 6:15pm, The Gym Dance at 7:00pm, playing all the songs to get you motivated, whatever you’re doing.  At 7:30pm we have Album of the Week where…

The Garden of Earthly Delights

The Garden of Earthly Delights is hosted by Shane Quentin,  CRMK’s longest broadcasting DJ since 1991.  Famed for eclectic mixes and audio mischief.  Hosting one of the first sessions with Grimes, guesting Cat Power during the 90’s, and numerous exclusive sessions and mixes from Mister Scruff to Cinerama, to interviews with Supergrass and Coldplay.  These shows…

Wireless Warbles

DJ Ian Morton rises to the challenge of playing as many great tracks as your ears can hold in an hour of musical entertainment. Vintage Rock and Pop ranging from The Beatles and The Who through to current faves via The Buzzcocks and The Undertones as well as lesser known artists.